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This book is published in Gramedia Pustaka Utama (GPU), a book which is a series from Transhuman (Becoming a Human Above Average), before reading this it is better to read 2 other main books namely The7Awareness (Gramedia: 2007) and The Heart of 7Awareness ( Mizan : 2010), these two books are a trilogy from The7Awareness, namely 7 Awareness of the Heart and Spirit of Being Above Average Humans. In change (Change), it takes not only limited knowledge (Knowledge), but there is something more important, even being a "Core" is a point of awareness (Awareness). The deepest point of awareness in a person is called One Minute Awareness. This book opens with an important quote that "If a knife is sharpened by a stone, humans are sharpened by other humans". Someone whose life has a lot of pressure and tests will be different from someone whose life is flat and without pressure. In every problem, of course, there is a "sharpening", as the saying goes, what sharpens humans is precisely other humans. Have we ever thought about our current life situation which has achieved the terms "success", "big name", "fame" and so on, if we are honest it may even be possible to start from someone's "sharpening" to us in the form of hurtful words soul. A word that makes us realize that at that time were words that brought down but now they have become words that enlighten.

 This One Minute Awareness book shows "password" success above average by convincing us all to start from pressure, have you ever seen how the seesaw game works, the answer is when you are under pressure. There are 2 children playing seesaw, when 1 child sits on the bottom then the top will go up and so will be the same, but there is also a seesaw game that is pressed but never goes up because it is damaged or broken. Damaged toys will still not function even if they are used as children's toys. Taking Imam Al-Ghozai's term is Qolbun Mayitun, when someone's heart has died, even the western pressure will not change anything, even the death of their parents is considered as an ordinary death not as a message of change. One of the most important messages that can be read in verses of life is the death of parents.

For those whose hearts are healthy (Qolbun Salimun), then they don't have to experience things that hurt and bring them down, starting from the ordinary and even being considered trivial by others will still be a leverage for success in the future. Even just because his mother coughed he felt that his life had to change with enthusiasm, in modern life like now there is a high school student who wants to study at the UI Campus but his mother says that he has no money except selling his cloth at the flea market at Pasar Monday Jakarta, finally this child selling cloth and getting money to go to college. During college he was very serious in studying and had only one reason, namely no reason, this event became "One Minute Awareness" for him and became a successful path until now, this high school boy is 10 successful entrepreneurs named Chairul Tanjung.

 Of these two things there is something called 'Qolbun Maridh', a sick heart with changing indicators, every change is only at the beginning, when it is already on the way and the struggle encounters obstacles. Changes that are not finished, only get to the beginning, old habits reappear and breaking new habits that have been fought for, as an example is a friend who is determined to quit smoking, and initially seems successful by not smoking for a certain time but then returns to his smoking habit due to an unsupportive environment.

The One Minute Awareness book is a guide for anyone who wants to make a change from within. It is described in this book like a bamboo tree that builds deep roots so that it grows the tallest and strongest. Have we ever noticed how bamboo trees grow, it turns out that 2-4 years they grow inward, after 4 years the bamboo trees begin to appear upwards. This is the "One Minute Awareness" that, if someone is to be successful, they must always build their own roots through a process of hardship and heavy pressure but manage to get through it well. Enjoy every pressure to succeed above average.

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